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Prepping for Lockdown

2020-03-16 covid activities holding forth

We may be faced with a couple of months of not going out much, so I thought I'd prepare a list of possible activities! These are all things that are relatively socially distant that you can do without too much in the way of preparation.

I've separated things into two groups: "staying in" and "staying distant". Staying in may require a yard, so if it doesn't work for you, my apologies. Staying distant typically requi…

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Music from Canada

2020-03-06 music roundup long

I'm from Canada, eh. The most popular music of my homeland is probably music you've heard hundreds of times - Neil Young, Rush, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, The Band (the weight!), The Guess Who, Alanis, Avril, Jann Arden, the Barenaked Ladies... I could go on, but it seems like one of our main exports is talented people with mass appeal. It's probably indistinguishable from mainstream American music. There are a few bands or artists …

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Music: Embarassing Enjoyment


The other day, there was a post on Reddit that asked Are there any songs which you are embarrassed to like? There are some great answers; I took the top 80 plus the original poster's and compiled a list. Here are my mini-reviews of the songs.

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On the Misuse of Common HTML Tags


There are a number of HTML tags which are commonly misunderstood and misused. I've done it myself, with some frequency over the years. I've argued that some of these are deprecated, when they weren't. And now I've come full circle, and I had a full on argument with someone over the use of the <i> tag recently, and I wanted to talk about four specific and oft misused tags: <i>, <b>, <em>, and <strong>.

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Consistency and Death


This post is not about taxes.

There are a few key concepts that people rely on with a user interface and one of them is consistency. Consistency is one of the most important parts of a UI, and trumps practically any other; we want things to behave in a way that we are used to. This makes it easier for us to use things. Doors, for instance, have the same general UI in most cases; there is a handle, some hinges, and a big solid part that …

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Why External Links Should NOT Open in New Tabs


I read an article today called Why External Links Should Open in New Tabs. This is something that is near and dear to my heart, and especially so since it is so very, very wrong.

Savvy Users have Changed Everything

Users are getting more and more used to how the web works and how to use their brows…

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In a nutshell, here's the problem with posting a link to something you strenuously disagree with using social media. It's all the success metric. When you link to something, you're basically giving it your vote of approval. If the thing that you are linking to is bad, harmful or stupid, then you need to find a way to remove that vote of approval. The easiest way to do this is to find an actual website that you can link to from your social medi…

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Stats of the Union Address


Forgive the title, but I've been looking through my stats and have found some interesting things and made some decisions about design moving forward.

First up, screen resolution. Over 85% of people accessing my site did so at a resolution at or exceeding a width of 1280px. That's a change from even a year ago, when only about 65% of people ran at that resolution. It's nice to see upgrades happening.

Next, browsers. IE comes in ro…

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Vancouver and San Jose (and a bit about Toronto)


I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

There, I said it. I put it out there. The Leafs, they are my team. My jersey is a blue one. Every year, I hold on to the faint glimmer of hope that my team will make it into the playoffs. Not that they'll win; just that they'll get into the playoffs. That's life as a Leafs fan.

However, they're not my actual favourite team. Like most everyone else in the Leafs nation, I am mildly ashamed to say &qu…

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Aphoenix's Sunny Skies v. [Redacted]


Hello all! I got an interesting email from one **[redacted]** about my my photo Sunny Skies. Here is the email, with Trevor's email taken out.

I believe we have been in contact before. My picture, "Sunny Skies" is still up on your website. I would appreciate this being taken down, or at least some credit given. The reason I am ticked off about this is because that everyone on your c…

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