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Game Backlog Burner - Part 3

2020-04-22 gaming tildes game backlog burner

I've thought more on the games since my edits to last week's threads. This last week was a bit rough, and I spent more time in the evening playing video games than I should have. As a result, I have made it through my April goal, which was to play one game from each of the last 12 months of Humble Monthly Bundles. This was one of the best weeks - Evergarden, Soul Calibur VI, Truberbrook, and a couple of others.

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Game Backlog Burner - Part 2

2020-04-15 gaming tildes game backlog burner

A week into backlog burner and chill and I have made a lot of progress towards the goal of trying out a bunch of games that were not on my radar at all before now. This is shaping up to be a fun event, and I will be trying to do more of these community created events. Surviving Mars, God's Trigger, Sonic Mania, Bad North are all up!

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Game Backlog Burner - Part 1

2020-04-08 gaming tildes game backlog burner

At Tildes there's an event going on called the Game Backlog Burner and I have decided to take part in it. Here's the idea in brief:

I know that many of us will be stuck at home for this month, I know that many of us could likely use something to pull our attention away from the news, and I know that many of us have accumulated quite the to-play list of games. As such, I'm thinking it could be fun for us to tackle those lists together and collectively clean up our clutter! Let's all burn through our backlogs!

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Prepping for Lockdown

2020-03-16 covid activities holding forth

We may be faced with a couple of months of not going out much, so I thought I'd prepare a list of possible activities! These are all things that are relatively socially distant that you can do without too much in the way of preparation.

I've separated things into two groups: "staying in" and "staying distant". Staying in may require a yard, so if it doesn't work for you, my apologies. Staying distant typically requi…

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Music from Canada

2020-03-06 music roundup long

I'm from Canada, eh. The most popular music of my homeland is probably music you've heard hundreds of times - Neil Young, Rush, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, The Band (the weight!), The Guess Who, Alanis, Avril, Jann Arden, the Barenaked Ladies... I could go on, but it seems like one of our main exports is talented people with mass appeal. It's probably indistinguishable from mainstream American music. There are a few bands or artists …

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On the Misuse of Common HTML Tags


There are a number of HTML tags which are commonly misunderstood and misused. I've done it myself, with some frequency over the years. I've argued that some of these are deprecated, when they weren't. And now I've come full circle, and I had a full on argument with someone over the use of the <i> tag recently, and I wanted to talk about four specific and oft misused tags: <i>, <b>, <em>, and <strong>.

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Consistency and Death


This post is not about taxes.

There are a few key concepts that people rely on with a user interface and one of them is consistency. Consistency is one of the most important parts of a UI, and trumps practically any other; we want things to behave in a way that we are used to. This makes it easier for us to use things. Doors, for instance, have the same general UI in most cases; there is a handle, some hinges, and a big solid part that …

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In a nutshell, here's the problem with posting a link to something you strenuously disagree with using social media. It's all the success metric. When you link to something, you're basically giving it your vote of approval. If the thing that you are linking to is bad, harmful or stupid, then you need to find a way to remove that vote of approval. The easiest way to do this is to find an actual website that you can link to from your social medi…

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