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Post Vaccine Day Two

Posted 2021-07-12 Tags: covid health vaccine holding forth

I recently had my second vaccination. My first vaccination was Astra Zeneca - for the second, I got Moderna. I am not a doctor, but from what I read this seems like a pretty acceptable level of vaccination for my needs, which do not require travel in the immediate future. I still had no issue with the needle itself, and the nurse was wonderful

Unlike the last vaccination, I had prepped and had pre-gamed with some Gatorade, which I feel was a good call. I had very little issue the rest of the day, experiencing only a mild headache. My lovely wife was not so lucky - she felt quite awful by the end of the day.

Also unlike the last vaccine, I remained relatively clear headed the entire time, and I encountered no particularly unbearable aches or pains, other than some tenderness. I had no chills, no fever, and no real side effects.

A minor note

I will attempt to refrain from engaging with anti-vaccination nutbaggery from here on out. I have made a conscious decision to avoid it online and in life, and I'm just... done. I feel like this pandemic has made it very clear which groups of people are reasonable and which groups of people aren't, and it's also made clear who we can live with and who we can live without.

I will probably not be perfect in this endeavour; letting go of arguments is not something I have ever been good at.

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