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A drawing of me

The Author

Andrew Phoenix - 40ish, father of three, husband of one, President / CEO of MediaDoc.

I build sites and software on the internet. I like to use Python and TypeScript for that; I also use the standard things that one often uses, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I have been considered a "WordPress Expert", though I would not describe myself as such, mostly because of self respect.

There are a lot of old writings here from 2005 - 2011. My areas of interest have changed since those years. I plan to:

I plan to do a 5✭ Friday about once a month, which I think is a good start.


You can contact me - the easiest email is my firstname at thisdomain.

You can find me on github, reddit, tildes, or lobsters - my username matches the URL for this site.

You can find me on twitter: @andrewphoenix.

This Site

This site is generated using Zola and hosted on Amazon S3. It's optimized for Chrome, but seems to work well in the other two browsers I use - Edge and Firefox.

This site uses almost no javascript, and there is very little in the way of tracking happening. I certainly do not review any logs or anything; if you visit, it may be tracked in the bowels of Amazon, but I don't really see it. Feel free to send me a message via any of the contact methods listed above. Note: in some past blog entries I talk about the analytics of the site somewhat, but I stopped tracking that years ago, and this is now mostly maintained for myself, so I'm not particularly interested in which browsers are viewing things.

This site is intended to have a lo-fi, retro feel to it. The colour schemes should be reminiscent of a shag carpet that was bought in the 80s.