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Post Vaccine Day Summary

Posted 2021-05-03 Tags: covid health vaccine

Yesterday my lovely wife and I got our Astra Zeneca jabs. The process was literally and figuratively painless; we showed up to our doctor's office, showed our cards, they put medicine in us, we hung out for 15 minutes, and we left. I have never had an issue with needles - hence multiple piercings - and actually enjoyed getting out of the house, which I had not really done for several weeks.

By the end of the day, I was feeling quite headachey, and was starting to experience some chills. I had a fitful night of sleep, waking up about ten times for various reasons.

Routine Review

Dawn of the first day, review of what I missed from my normal routine / how possible the routine items were

Get up before work. Missed. Difficulty 7/10. Maybe achievable, but there wasn't really any reason to do so. I will be taking it easy today and tomorrow. Heck, maybe Wednesday as well.

Make coffee. Achieved. Difficulty 3/10. I forgot to put the water in the french press to start with, so it took quite a bit longer than normal. I blame the brain fog.

Pushups. Missed. Difficulty 16/10. Literally impossible. Thinking about doing pushups made me dry heave slightly. I will get back to the pushups when the thought of doing something with the throbby left upper arm is less... throbby.

Get dressed. Achieved. Difficult 3/10. Button up, no tshirt. Left arm is heavy. I went with shorts today for maximum comfort. I can feel my left sleeve against my left tricep.

Help kid with schoolwork. Achieved. Difficulty 3/10. Grade 1 seems hard with foggy brain. Why so much focus on cutting things out with scissors? Is this really a life skill that is needed? Also matching some of the pictures to their words seemed unnecessarily difficult, to the point that I just let him guess which image meant "ow" and which one meant "pow". They were perhaps interchangeable.

Morning Meetings. Missed. Difficulty 5/10. Sounds suck, I don't want to listen to anyone. My head is pounding should I have another ibuprofen? I will have another ibuprofen.

Make lunch for kids. Achieved. Difficulty 2/10. Got stuff out, but realized later I didn't put the berries back in the fridge. Have I mentioned there is a brain fog at play.

Eat something. Missed. Difficulty 7/10. Eating sounds terrible, no thanks. I had some coffee. Maybe I'll have some more coffee. Coffee was a good call. Thinking of eating makes my body sad though.

At this point, all physical activity sounds really dumb, and I think I'll skip it. My arm hurts, my head hurts, and I am cold but also quite warm. This really feels like an exceptionally small case of the flu. And really, a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing that I will soon have a 100% decreased chance of needing to be hospitalized as a resulf of a covid infection.

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