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Hot Sauce - Second Batch

Posted 2021-02-10 Tags: hot sauce cooking

Batch #2 of the sauce has been bottled. This is a much mellower sauce than the first one, because my son loves hot sauce but he is six and he can't quite handle anything super hot. This one was modelled after the "Not So Hot" hot sauce from Spice of Life which is a delightful hot sauce company out of Markham.

While I'm talking about Spice of Life, I've also tried and love the following from them:

I think I've had other things from them, and they've all been good. Tangent aside, here's the hot sauce that I made:

This time the process was a bit more efficient:

  1. Obtain Jalepenos and Cucumbers
  2. Cut off the steams, and the terminus of the pepper.
  3. Cut up the peppers and the cukes into relatively small parts.
  4. Put in properly sized wide mouth jars, and add brine.
  5. Hold things down with pickling weights.
  6. Wait for a couple of weeks.
  7. Drain everything, while retaining brine.
  8. Boil the peppers and cukes in a bit of brine.

Bottle and enjoy. Note: I used the bottles from the aforementioned Spice of Life, thoroughly cleaned.

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