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Game Backlog Burner - Part 1

Posted 2020-04-08 Tags: gaming tildes game backlog burner

At Tildes there's an event going on called the Game Backlog Burner and I have decided to take part in it. Here's the idea in brief:

I know that many of us will be stuck at home for this month, I know that many of us could likely use something to pull our attention away from the news, and I know that many of us have accumulated quite the to-play list of games. As such, I'm thinking it could be fun for us to tackle those lists together and collectively clean up our clutter! Let's all burn through our backlogs!

There were instructions for how to remove something from your list, but I took the idea and then kind decided to kind of do my own thing. I am trying out - not getting through - at least one game from each of the last 12 humble monthly bundles, and reporting in on them.

Week 1

Northgard April 2019

This is a nice little RTS game. You're a clan of vikings, and you expand outward in little hexes that can have a limited number of building in each hex. I haven't progressed very far, but I will probably continue to casually play this game. The first map is fairly easy in story mode, and the story itself is fairly good. I do recommend playing this if you get it in a bundle or something. 9/10

Wandersong May 2019

This is a cute platformer that I played for half an hour and then deleted. It's a cool concept, but there are better sidescrolling platform games. 5/10

911 Operator June 2019

You play as a 911 Operator; you have to route police officers, paramedics, and firemen to different calls that you receive. When I logged in, it offered to put me in my home city, which was kind of cool. It doesn't seem particularly difficult on start, but I sense that it could get pretty hectic pretty quickly. I found it enjoyable; I'll probably casually play it, but I don't know how in-depth I'd go with it. Cool concept, graphics are simple but effective, giving me a home map felt cool. 7/10

Love is Dead July 2019

It is the apocalypse; you are a zombie. Everyone is a zombie! You must reunite with your lover (a zombie) and find your pets (guess what, zombies). Each level is a puzzle where you have to find how to get to your lover. The puzzles haven't gotten particularly difficult, but there's extra items to find in each one. The graphics are simple, the controls are very easy, the story is sweet. I will probably play this one or two more times. 6/10

I'm 1/3 of the way through my goal, so this should be a cakewalk. ;)

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