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Right Brain


Brain lateralization is an interesting topic to me; the idea that different parts of the brain have different jobs makes a lot of sense and it's an interesting thing to comtemplate. It makes it interesting to try to separate out "brain" from "mind"; where does the concrete body part end and the self begin? Is there a self different from the body? Is body all that we're made up of?

I digress, though, as I so often do.…

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Creative Writing - it's that thing that most of us did in grade school, usually accompanied by a vague sense of forboding and a desire to do something else. It tends to be a fairly personal thing to do and is difficult for a lot of people to share.

Well, everyone who knows me knows that I have no shame. It's just not part of my genetic makeup. I'll get up on a stage and do just about anything if I think it will entertain people; that's …

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A confluence, according to the OED is defined as:

  1. A flowing together; the junction and union of two or more streams or moving fluids.
  2. The place where two or more rivers, etc., unite.

This section is dedicated to all those things that bring together my two streams of thought - left and right brain - to define who I am. Or, to be slightly more honest, these are the things that do not fit quite so neatly into l…

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