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Left Brain

Posted 2007-01-19 Tags: None

The topic of brain lateralization has already been discussed in some detail, but the previous article left out the Left Brain. Let's just pretend this article had all the same verve and panache of the previous article, but ended with a bit about Left Brain functions, specifically about Techgnostics (knowledge of technology) and The Proof (wherein I give highly spurious "proofs" by ascribing quantities to concepts that are fundamentally unquantifiable in an effort to make my outrageous claims unasailable to those without recourse to higher mathematics).

On the topic of lateralization, though, I had a thought. I wonder what the isomorphic map of brain function to topic would like and if that would create a whole new idea of the various spectra we measure things on. It is relatively trivial to do an isomorphic map from three dimensions onto two dimensions, and with a little bit of work that could make a really interesting poster...

No, really. These are the sorts of things I think about.

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