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Posted 2007-01-19 Tags: None

Good day, people who may watch this photoblog. This is just to let you know that some time next week, there will be many changes made to how it works, and it shall be integrated into the aphoenix.ca blog as a whole. Currently this photoblog has a separate installation of wordpress, and it's a pain in the ass to keep it up to date. So, soon, it will get a kick in the ass and be changed over to another installation, and this particular copy will be nuked!

This means that any RSS feeds that you have will probably cease to function, and the lj feed will need to be changed. This also means that it will hopefully be updated more regularly (I'm still taking pictures, just not posting them). I'm aiming to have an update schedule, where certain things are updated at certain times. My current aim is to update the photoblog on Sunday and Wednesday, but nothing has been decided for certain.

If you'd like to leave a comment and tell me anything you've liked or disliked about this iteration of the photoblog, that would be fantastic.


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