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Right Brain

Posted 2007-01-19 Tags: None

Brain lateralization is an interesting topic to me; the idea that different parts of the brain have different jobs makes a lot of sense and it's an interesting thing to comtemplate. It makes it interesting to try to separate out "brain" from "mind"; where does the concrete body part end and the self begin? Is there a self different from the body? Is body all that we're made up of?

I digress, though, as I so often do. Part of the idea of brain lateralization is that the different polar hemispheres are related to specific types of activities. To oversimplify nearly to the point of absurdity, the Left Brain is purportedly in charge of concrete function (think "science") and the Right Brain is supposed to be in charge of abstraction (think "arts").

Whether this is scientifically accurate or not (and, it should be noted that as far as I know at this time, it is not truely accurate; brain function is certainly not as simple as left ~ science, right ~ art - there's a complexity here that is absolutely not understood or mapped) it is indeed interesting and more importantly, gives me a completely arbitrary and possibly inane way to index content at aphoenix.ca. Hence, "Right Brain" as a category; here shall be all the "artsy" stuff that I enjoy, including, but not necessarily limited to music, creative writing and photography, which are further separated categories themselves.

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