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The Customer May or May Not be Frequently Not Right


I just read The Top 5 Reasons Why the Customer is Always Right is Wrong and it's interesting, but there's a whole part of customer interaction that they have kind of skipped over, and I think it's important. I'm going to add my #6, which is really just more on #5.

The Customer is Frequently Not Right.

It's kind of a simple th…

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Turtle Jacks Restaurant Review


I went to Turtle Jack's in Guelph with my lovely ladies earlier this week. It was an interesting trip. Full disclosure: I used to frequently dine at TJs, and really enjoy it.

We were seated immediately and solicitously cared for by our waitress, who was a very good, bordering on great, server. She was great with our 2 year old (which frequently makes or breaks a dining experience for us). She took our drink orders right away and brought…

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The Democratic Approach to Web Design is Bad


I frequently frequent the website Reddit, which is a great source of interesting news and long-tail internetisms. I find it more enjoyable than a lot of the other 2.0-ish news sites out there, for a variety for a variety of reasons that are unimportant, but have to do with community, content and usability.

A small, but entertaining, part of the Reddit experience is the Reddit Alien. There's a staff ar…

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Certainly Not My Day


Today has not been good.

Item the first, for your examination: I am ill. Not well. Sick. Though, to be fair, I'm much improved from yesterday and many yesterdays before then. I have a chest cold. It's a really unfriendly one that makes me feel like crap. I've been coughing up multi-coloured sputum for a week.

Sorry for the imagery.

Item the second: we have but one baby seat for the two cars that my partner and I own. This …

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It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighbourhood


It's a wonderful day for a neighbour! I've got some great neighbours and I'd like to talk about them briefly.

Directly to the south of us, there's a Mabel, who is 94 and lives alone. She's very active, has lots of guests, enjoys gardening, and is just generally very nice. She's delightful to talk to and is just generally impressive. I hope I'm half so active when I make it to her age. Come to that, I hope I make it to her age.


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The Hilarity of Youth


My little girl is almost 2, and her language acquisition is stunning. She has used sentences with up to 7 words in them, and we stopped counting the words in her vocabulary months ago. It is an incredibly interesting thing to behold and can be phenomenally hilarious.

Earlier this week, I was coding away furiously at the computer, while the little one was eating crackers and playing. I was somewhat paying attention to her but, for the mo…

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Cascading Means Something


I had a question from a coworker the other day and it became obvious to me that they did not really understand what the word Cascading meant in the phrase Cascading Style Sheets.

Let me 'splain.

No, no. There is too much. Let me sum up.

From the OED defines a Cascade thusly:

1. A waterfall. a. Usually, a small waterfall; esp. one of a series of small falls, formed by water in its desce…

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Lens Resource


I found a fantastic resource for people that are interested in photography and are on the lookout for new lenses:

Photozone Lens Reviews has a boatload of reviews, that seem to be spot on - they've reviewed all the lenses that I've used for my XTi, and we seem to see eye-to-eye on all of them.

Check them out if you need to buy a lens!

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Home Ownership


Well, we have moved into the house. For the most part, things are great - I still need to bring a whole bunch of my stuff from the apartment to the house (mostly books) and we need to really start unpacking. The entire living room is just full of stuff. It is amazing how many things one person (or in this case, three) can acquire. The house project status stands thusly:

The Slow Transition to Layout Fascism


One of the things that I always find important when designing a website is to get rid of as many of the browser specific presets that each browser has as a default style. Think of the page as a whole as a nation and the tags as the individuals - we really should put the layout of the page as a whole above layout of individuals. And think of yourself as a little tinpot dictator that has complete and utter control over each and…

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