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Ubuntu and a Question

Posted 2008-05-04 Tags: None

I've finally got ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop. It's fantastic and I love it. That is all on that topic.

I got a question from Nick, who asks why I've given up on Livejournal and moved to my own blog. I haven't given up on Livejournal; I just don't have that much time to write these days. I have been reading more than I've been writing on either. But the reason that this blog gets updated more than any of the other blogs I contribute to is that the content here is in a place that I consider to be owned by me; that is, I have complete control over anything that I need to do, be it about look, feel, code, where pictures go. I just plain like writing here better than in Livejournal as well - not sure why. I guess Livejournal has become mostly an aggregator for me to read about my friends and not a place to talk about myself.

On the other hand, I'm planning on doing a bit of work so that I can post directly to this blog using VI, and if that works, then I can probably make it so that Livejournal basically just mirrors the content that I have here. That's the long term plan.

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