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Posted 2008-11-27 Tags: None

I've always been a bit of a duffer when it came to photoshop or other such image manipulation programs; I can work with pre-existing photos no problem - I can isolate images and put them together and do lots of the nifty photoshop tricks, like airbrushing people to get rid of blemishes, or reducing red-eye, or moving them slightly in a picture, or adding someone in or taking someone out, etc. etc. However, I've never been really adept at creating something from nothing. The current site design I did from scratch (all graphics by hand), and it's not the most graphically exciting place in the world. I've done other things as well, but usually when it needed to be professional, I'd get our graphic design guy to do it.

Well, I'm still at the point where our graphic designer does much better work than me, but I'm improving, and most of it is due to brush sets. I think in the last 5 days I've downloaded almost 70 of them, and although I've since thrown out at least 40 of those sets, it's amazing what difference custom brushes make to designers. I never knew. I was a design brush virgin. But NO MORE!

Look for more in this space soon.

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