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The Inalienable Right to Protest

I got some Facebook traction on this topic, and I'll address it here.

Michael said: "I think this post talks more about protesting effectively, more than criticizing the act of the protest." That's exactly what I was going for. I'm not saying that there's no place for protest, but thinking that any of the protests at the #G20 would be effective is naive. Direct protest to your MP or MPP is an effective thing to do, be…

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On The Futility of Protests in Canada

I fully believe that the G20 protests were a waste of everybody's time and money. The actions taken by police were unnecessary, but it is the acts of the protesters that I think were truly disgusting and stupid.

The problem is that there were many people who had legitimate things to protest at the G20 and now, because of their association with what has happened, they have had their points of view robbed of legitimacy. You were downtown …

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Exponential Growth

According to the CBC G8/G20 costs have grown exponentially. I can only infer that if the first 3 days cost $1,000,000,000, then the next 3 days will cost $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (the cost squared, typically the smallest of what is considered exponential growth). That's unfortunate, because I think that's more money than the entire world has, so we're probably all going to starve to death now.

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Redoing the Blog for Three Point Oh

I'm going to be revamping the blog again. I've already switched over to the new 2010 theme to have a look at how it works and what it does. I haven't decided if I'm going to build based off of 2010 or do something new and interesting from scratch.

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For the next month or so, my family and I have decided that we cheer for Africa!

Go South Africa! Go Ghana! Go Cameroon! Go Côte d'Ivoire!

Unfortunately, because of rampant Advance Fee Fraud I just can't cheer for Nigeria. (this is said pertly, tongue in cheek, and just for fun).

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Mercy Rule Repealed

Success! Ottawa Mercy Rule Repealed.

Thanks for the link Chris.

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Soccer Team Point Spread Inanity

This is an amazingly bad idea.

Go ahead, read that article. I'll wait.

If you want the TLDR; version, in Ottawa when a team gets ahead by more than 5 goals in a game, they are declared the loser of the game. So here is the immediate take home message:

If you win too much, you lose.


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Riding a Bike

I've recently entered into a conversation with Mr. Carmichael about bike lanes, sidewalks and roads and where bikes should be. In it, I defended the idea that bikes should be allowed to ride on the sidewalk, but things were confused because of Twitter's 140 character limit. I came across sounding like I completely disapproved of bike lanes, which I don't.


Twitter vs. Blogging

The more that I use twitter, the harder I find it to actually write in my blog. Why would I spend time making lovingly crafted sentences, when I could explain myself in 140 characters, or even less?

I find it increasingly difficult to both write and respond to emails in more than one line.

I like texting on my phone more and more.

I feel like social media is starting my brain oozing out of my ears. I have to make more of a…

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The Facebook tie-in

I'd forgotten that these posts get automatically sucked into my facebook page. My brother-in-law mentioned that I was making non-sensical posts about Font Faces at a party last night, and was wondering if I'd had more than just my Warcraft account hacked recently.

Hi Facebook! I'm a geek, and will post geek things as is my wont.

A geeky Venn diagram

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