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Deregistering Parent Theme Widgets in Wordpress


I had a "fun" time figuring out how to deregister parent theme widgets in Wordpress the other day so I went through the codex and learned a lot about how functions are called in function.php. I learned about something I didn't know - you can specify the order of priority that something has within a hook!

This made deregistering widget areas pretty easy. In twentyten (something I child theme from a fair bit), the widgets are ad…

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Sunday Stranding - Update


In my last post, I talked about a problem I experienced in the The City of Guelph, where a local even stranded my neighbourhood so that we weren't able to leave. As it was happening, I tweeted about it. @CityOfGuelph was kind enough to tweet back with an email for me to get in touch with someone about the problem.

So I emailed the operations department …

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Sunday Stranding


On Sunday, the CIBC Walk for the Cure in Guelph raised $300,000 or more. It's a great idea for an event; a significant number of people from all over the city of Guelph get together and walk through Guelph while raising money to support cancer research. There is nothing better than a community coming together like this; it showcase the best things about Guelph and I'm proud …

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A Month of Android


A while ago I purchased a samsung galaxy vibrant (the first day they were available here in canada actually) and I thought o would give a but of a review of my thoughts on the phone and the OS after having used it for almost a month.

The phone is beautiful. The screen makes iPhone 3 screens look pretty bad and in my opinion, it beats the iPhone 4 in a side by side comparison. The Samsung is slick and gorgeous, responsive and vibrant; fr…

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What Twitter and YouTube are for


I started to follow @OldSpice today, and I have learned what Twitter and YouTube were put on the planet for.

Twitter and YouTube were created so that @OldSpice on a horse man would have a place, nay, a kingdom. It's his internet, I just live in it.

In all seriousness, I have never seen an ad campaign as effective as this one. I now have 3 …

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The Inalienable Right to Protest


I got some Facebook traction on this topic, and I'll address it here.

Michael said: "I think this post talks more about protesting effectively, more than criticizing the act of the protest." That's exactly what I was going for. I'm not saying that there's no place for protest, but thinking that any of the protests at the #G20 would be effective is naive. Direct protest to your MP or MPP is an effective thing to do, be…

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On The Futility of Protests in Canada


I fully believe that the G20 protests were a waste of everybody's time and money. The actions taken by police were unnecessary, but it is the acts of the protesters that I think were truly disgusting and stupid.

The problem is that there were many people who had legitimate things to protest at the G20 and now, because of their association with what has happened, they have had their points of view robbed of legitimacy. You were downtown …

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Exponential Growth

2010-06-24 pedantry

According to the CBC G8/G20 costs have grown exponentially. I can only infer that if the first 3 days cost $1,000,000,000, then the next 3 days will cost $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (the cost squared, typically the smallest of what is considered exponential growth). That's unfortunate, because I think that's more money than the entire world has, so we're probably all going to starve to death now.

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Redoing the Blog for Three Point Oh


I'm going to be revamping the blog again. I've already switched over to the new 2010 theme to have a look at how it works and what it does. I haven't decided if I'm going to build based off of 2010 or do something new and interesting from scratch.

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