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JennPhoenix.ca - in Brief

Posted 2011-03-29 Tags: None

I spent about 40 minutes earlier this week designing and deploying JennPhoenix.ca for my sister, who does piano lessons. [caption id="attachment_467" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Jenn's New Piano website"]JennPhoenix.ca Screenshot[/caption]

Probably the things that are most of interest to highlight: I used some free icon packs, which I will be attributing in the next version of this website, which I found via Smashing Magazine. I found the repeating background image using AVA7 Patterns which I will also be attributing (they also do not require attribution, but I like attribution when it makes sense). I've got a contact form ready to go using Jquery Contactable but I was trying not to do any PHP for this site, so I haven't actually made it happen yet. I guess I could replace the PHP with something else. For the font in the header, I use a Google Web Font, which is awesome.

The breakdown on time spent is as follows:

Altogether, I'm happy with how this microsite turned out

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