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Kids update

Posted 2011-03-31 Tags: None

Well, I haven't actually written anything down about the fact that I am now the father of two awesome girls (no longer just one). Kid2 was born Feb 8, and it's been awesome having a tiny kid around the house, though it has, at times, been a challenge. We're lucky with respect to the sleep thing; she sleeps like a champ. We're also lucky to have an older daughter who is doing an amazing job as a big sister. Kid1 is fantastically caring and awesome and does her best to make sure her little sister has everything she needs.

Kid1 has started to display her proclivity for science. Her favourite activity of an evening is to figure out, set up, hypothesize about and complete a science experiment. For example, the other day, we set out two little basins of water with food colouring in them, then put a paper towel between them to show how capillary action works. We did the same with a piece of standard white paper, after trying to guess if standard paper would go faster or slower than paper towel. That experiment is still going; it is making some fantastic blue / purple / red art in excruciatingly slow fashion.

Kid2 is a baby and does standard baby stuff. It's hard to drum up a whole paragraph about her.

Kid1 is also deeply into fantasy books right now. We have completely The Hobbit and have started The Lord of the Rings, both of which she loves. My wife just finished reading the first Harry Potter book to her; witches, wizards, ents and elves, orcs and hobbits and magic! There's never enough to satisfy. I read LOTR for 45 minutes out loud tonight (including the songs, which she tries to get me to sing) and she was begging for more when I was done. Oh, and just the other day, she came home and very seriously said, "Dad. Some time soon, can we watch Star Wars together?"

Being a Geek Dad is amazing.

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