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5✭ Fridays - The Misfits

One of my favourite blogs to read is Tim Bray's Ongoing - and this is a funny lead in to my first music post, because Tim is very much a technophile (for instance, he was recently featured on the cover of Linux Journal, and on the inside too!). One of my favourite recurring themes is his "5✭♫" posts, in which he expounds on various musics that he listens to.

If the title looks broken, you should Get Firefox. It's the simplest way to fix it.

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The Irony of Sourceforge

Sourceforge is an invaluable tool for developers that don't have a budget for proprietary software. You can find a lot of useful bits and pieces there, not to mention wholes and entires, that are incredibly useful for whatever your software needs are. As a staunch supporter of OSS, I'd say I was a fan.

Well, until today. Today we find the wrench in the works.

I was interested in the softwa…

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Aphoenix dot CA overhaul

As you may or may not have noticed, I've overhauled aphoenix.ca. This used to be a fairly static website with a few extra odds and ends (like the photoblog) available to peruse. The plan is as follows:

Monday is "Left Brain" day and you'll probably have something fairly technical to see here. Friday is "Right Brain" day and you'll find a post that is fairly music oriented. Wednesday and Weekend days are photoblog day…

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My Firefox Extensions

One thing that interests me among the techgnoscenti is who installs which Firefox extension and why they do so. Firefox is a great browser out of the box, but once you start adding on your extensions, it really becomes all about you. If you think it's beyond you to install an extension, let me tell you - you're absolutely wrong. If you can get here to this site, you can certainly customize your firefox. Just mozy on over to read →

Left Brain

The topic of brain lateralization has already been discussed in some detail, but the previous article left out the Left Brain. Let's just pretend this article had all the same verve and panache of the previous article, but ended with a bit about Left Brain functions, specifically about Techgnostics (knowledge of technology) and The Proof (wherein I give highly spurious "proofs" by …

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Music is my raison d'être. Here's a bit of my musical background:


Good day, people who may watch this photoblog. This is just to let you know that some time next week, there will be many changes made to how it works, and it shall be integrated into the aphoenix.ca blog as a whole. Currently this photoblog has a separate installation of wordpress, and it's a pain in the ass to keep it up to date. So, soon, it will get a kick in the ass and be changed over to another installation, and this particular copy will…

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Right Brain

Brain lateralization is an interesting topic to me; the idea that different parts of the brain have different jobs makes a lot of sense and it's an interesting thing to comtemplate. It makes it interesting to try to separate out "brain" from "mind"; where does the concrete body part end and the self begin? Is there a self different from the body? Is body all that we're made up of?

I digress, though, as I so often do.…

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Creative Writing - it's that thing that most of us did in grade school, usually accompanied by a vague sense of forboding and a desire to do something else. It tends to be a fairly personal thing to do and is difficult for a lot of people to share.

Well, everyone who knows me knows that I have no shame. It's just not part of my genetic makeup. I'll get up on a stage and do just about anything if I think it will entertain people; that's …

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A confluence, according to the OED is defined as:

  1. A flowing together; the junction and union of two or more streams or moving fluids.
  2. The place where two or more rivers, etc., unite.

This section is dedicated to all those things that bring together my two streams of thought - left and right brain - to define who I am. Or, to be slightly more honest, these are the things that do not fit quite so neatly into l…

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