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Thoughts on Steve Jobs' Thoughts on Music†

Posted 2007-02-07 Tags: None

Steve Jobs and I frequently do not see things eye to eye. I am certainly not a Mac fanboy - as evidence, I submit my seething hatred of iTunes - and I think Stevey's got his own little despot that people don't attack as much as Bill's because Macs are fashionable. Full disclosure - I have a Mac and I like it. I don't love it, yet, but I certainly like it quite a bit.

Stevey, though, sometimes gets things right. Wander on over to Thoughts on Music at Apple.com and give that a read. I can boil it down to one thought:

90% of music is sold DRM free, in the form of CDs‡. Why do music companies insist on selling their online music crippled by DRM?

Well, Stevey. You've get one hell of a large lever there. Why don't you push on it and see what happens?

† - sorry 'bout the rendering bug up there! [Edit: rendering bug fixed!] ‡ - as long as you don't buy from Sony

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