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MusikCube Gets Trashed

Posted 2007-02-07 Tags: None

I thought I liked MusikCube. I really did. It even made the list as one of my Windows Necessities I liked the UI; I liked how fast it loaded; I really liked the meta-data editor, especially the bulk editing feature. However, as of right now, MusikCube has been "retired" from production on my computer. The reason is two-fold.

First, it's buggy. Every once in a while, it just plain old crashes, and it's not a recoverable crash. It's a reboot-your-computer-before-more-music sort of crash, and it is really quite bothersome. At first, as with most new relationships, it was easily forgiven because it was joyful to use. As time dragged on, and massive crashes ensued, it quickly got old. Old enough that, by itself, I think this would eventually have made me switch to something else.

Second, and this is the kicker, is the blatant betrayal I feel because of the meta-data editor. I mean, I really, really liked that editor. It was slick and easy, and I had meta-data-ed about 70% of my music. Note the word "had" there, though, because it's all gone. Something happened - perhaps a mistimed synchronization or somesuch, as my music is on an external hard drive - and all my metadata is gone. This is really quite distressing.

Really, very quite distressing.

I am almost, almost tempted to go again with MusikCube because I know about the bulk edit feature now (I didn't right when I started) but my problem stems from the fact that if I have a problem in the future with MusikCube, I'll have to enter the metadata a third time. Better to get out now, while the gettings good.

I really wish I had comments working because I'd love to hear what other people use for a media player. I'm looking at either WinAmp or, well, nothing. I'm currently listening to music with VLC media player, which isn't really floating my boat, as it were.

So, what do you use?

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