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Yes2010 part 2


I had quite the discussion with Chris the other day via twitter about pros and cons of Vancouver 2010. He had some great points.

The security of the Olympics leaves much to be desired. There's been some free speech issues. There has been a huge increase in the amount of security present in Vancouver. Both of these are valid and important concerns, but I think that it is bei…

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YES 2010


There's a lot of anti-olympic sentiment floating around these days. No2010 seems to be a pretty popular tag on twitter, and the website itself seems to get a fair amount of traffic (you'll have to google it - they're getting no traffic from me). I'm definitely pro-olympics, and also pro-canadian olympics, so I thought I'd try to educate myself on why people are actually against Canada acting as a host nation for the Olympics. To summarize from…

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Milk Bags, Organic and Deposits


Kyle, Dawn and certain others were having a bit of discussion on the delivery of milk to people's houses in Ontario. The discussion basically centred around milk bags vs. glass milk jugs, but included discussions on "organic". It was interesting how dichotomous this discussion was.

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Wordpress.com does it wrong


It's not often that I've got to eat my own words, but I'll do it as needs be.

Wordpress.com does their user registration improperly.

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Tori and the Lynch Mob


I, along with many other people in Canada, have been following along on the Tori Stafford case and were distressed at the grisly conclusion (cbc article) that, for me, hits very close to home. They are currently looking for the poor little girl's body very close to where I live, and even closer to where I grew up and it makes me sick to think that something …

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The Great Wordpress Migration...


Begins tonight. I'm not sure how long it is going to take me, but it's not an insignificant task. I think I've learned something - don't assume that your blog posts are going to have the same format forever!

Photos will likely not be working for a while, and I think I'm going to change categories into tags. Even though, at some level, for some reason, I don't like tags.

Grr. Tags.

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I've always been a bit of a duffer when it came to photoshop or other such image manipulation programs; I can work with pre-existing photos no problem - I can isolate images and put them together and do lots of the nifty photoshop tricks, like airbrushing people to get rid of blemishes, or reducing red-eye, or moving them slightly in a picture, or adding someone in or taking someone out, etc. etc. However, I'v…

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Triumphant return?


A new theme for the website is basically exactly the thing to get over my hiatus from blogging. The new theme is a single column layout, and I'm torn between emphasizing photos and emphasizing blog entries. Both are displaying well, but I'm not sure which one should come first. Any preferences?

I'm also working on a nifty little widget to let you select which stylesheet design you want to display in your browser. I'm retooling the HTML …

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