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Twitter vs. Blogging

Posted 2010-04-15 Tags: None

The more that I use twitter, the harder I find it to actually write in my blog. Why would I spend time making lovingly crafted sentences, when I could explain myself in 140 characters, or even less?

I find it increasingly difficult to both write and respond to emails in more than one line.

I like texting on my phone more and more.

I feel like social media is starting my brain oozing out of my ears. I have to make more of an effort to stem this.

I remember a time not so long ago when it was difficult for me to write an email that had less than a thousand words in it. I usually love going on ad nauseum, because I love the sound of my own typing. But I rarely get to hear that uninterrupted clickety clack for more than the 15 seconds it takes to hit 140 characters.

I also find it hard to fill posts with content. This blog entry is one particular example thereof.

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