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Redoing the Blog for Three Point Oh


I'm going to be revamping the blog again. I've already switched over to the new 2010 theme to have a look at how it works and what it does. I haven't decided if I'm going to build based off of 2010 or do something new and interesting from scratch.

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For the next month or so, my family and I have decided that we cheer for Africa!

Go South Africa! Go Ghana! Go Cameroon! Go Côte d'Ivoire!

Unfortunately, because of rampant Advance Fee Fraud I just can't cheer for Nigeria. (this is said pertly, tongue in cheek, and just for fun).

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Riding a Bike


I've recently entered into a conversation with Mr. Carmichael about bike lanes, sidewalks and roads and where bikes should be. In it, I defended the idea that bikes should be allowed to ride on the sidewalk, but things were confused because of Twitter's 140 character limit. I came across sounding like I completely disapproved of bike lanes, which I don't.


  • I believ…

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Twitter vs. Blogging


The more that I use twitter, the harder I find it to actually write in my blog. Why would I spend time making lovingly crafted sentences, when I could explain myself in 140 characters, or even less?

I find it increasingly difficult to both write and respond to emails in more than one line.

I like texting on my phone more and more.

I feel like social media is starting my brain oozing out of my ears. I have to make more of a…

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The Facebook tie-in


I'd forgotten that these posts get automatically sucked into my facebook page. My brother-in-law mentioned that I was making non-sensical posts about Font Faces at a party last night, and was wondering if I'd had more than just my Warcraft account hacked recently.

Hi Facebook! I'm a geek, and will post geek things as is my wont.

A geeky Venn diagram


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I am on the fence with @font-face. I've noticed more and more (after it was pointed out to me by Nick) that when you use @font-face, the text displays and then will, after a brief pause, morph into the selected font. Every time I see that happen, I want to use @font-face slightly less.

On the other hand, the web would be so much prettier if I could just add "@font-face: Aller" to every page…

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Project Euler


I'm a latecomer to the Project Euler game, but I'm looking for a strong finish.

I've been trying to hone my Python skills, so I Dove Into Python with a vengeance. That didn't quite sate my desire for crazy coding fun, and my good buddy Sean suggested the

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I have two RSS related questions:

  • Which RSS reader (if any) do you use?
  • What's in your RSS reader?

Edit: I'm asking both how many feeds you have and what your favourites are. Feel free to be specific (or not - no judgment either way).

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