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I am on the fence with @font-face. I've noticed more and more (after it was pointed out to me by Nick) that when you use @font-face, the text displays and then will, after a brief pause, morph into the selected font. Every time I see that happen, I want to use @font-face slightly less.

On the other hand, the web would be so much prettier if I could just add "@font-face: Aller" to every page…

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Project Euler

I'm a latecomer to the Project Euler game, but I'm looking for a strong finish.

I've been trying to hone my Python skills, so I Dove Into Python with a vengeance. That didn't quite sate my desire for crazy coding fun, and my good buddy Sean suggested the read →


I have two RSS related questions:

Edit: I'm asking both how many feeds you have and what your favourites are. Feel free to be specific (or not - no judgment either way).

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Yes2010 part 2

I had quite the discussion with Chris the other day via twitter about pros and cons of Vancouver 2010. He had some great points.

The security of the Olympics leaves much to be desired. There's been some free speech issues. There has been a huge increase in the amount of security present in Vancouver. Both of these are valid and important concerns, but I think that it is bei…

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YES 2010

There's a lot of anti-olympic sentiment floating around these days. No2010 seems to be a pretty popular tag on twitter, and the website itself seems to get a fair amount of traffic (you'll have to google it - they're getting no traffic from me). I'm definitely pro-olympics, and also pro-canadian olympics, so I thought I'd try to educate myself on why people are actually against Canada acting as a host nation for the Olympics. To summarize from…

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Milk Bags, Organic and Deposits

Kyle, Dawn and certain others were having a bit of discussion on the delivery of milk to people's houses in Ontario. The discussion basically centred around milk bags vs. glass milk jugs, but included discussions on "organic". It was interesting how dichotomous this discussion was.

Milk Bags vs. J…

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Wordpress.com does it wrong

It's not often that I've got to eat my own words, but I'll do it as needs be.

Wordpress.com does their user registration improperly.

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