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Facebook is your friend. And so can you!

This is a blog post that I started in around 2008. I'm going to post it, and then hopefully follow up with my more current thoughts on Social networking.

Social Networking. That's one of those buzzwords that I almost cringe when I hear.

There is a gap in Social Networking, and it's right in the middle. When you fall through it, you start to think of Facebook as an end point instead of a starting point. You think…

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Kids update

Well, I haven't actually written anything down about the fact that I am now the father of two awesome girls (no longer just one). Kid2 was born Feb 8, and it's been awesome having a tiny kid around the house, though it has, at times, been a challenge. We're lucky with respect to the sleep thing; she sleeps like a champ. We're also lucky to have an older daughter who is doing an amazing job as a big sister. Kid1 is fantastically caring and awes…

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JennPhoenix.ca - in Brief

I spent about 40 minutes earlier this week designing and deploying JennPhoenix.ca for my sister, who does piano lessons. [caption id="attachment_467" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Jenn's New Piano website"] read →

How Project Euler got me to Infringe Almost Every Copyright

That's a bit of a sensationalist title, but it's also not too far off of true.

I was recently working on a problem for Project Euler that starts off like so:

An irrational decimal fraction is created by concatenating the positive integers:


The constructed number is made in such a way that you count from n to i…

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Guelph Coffee and Code + Project Euler

I'm talking about Project Euler at tonight's Guelph Coffee and Code. My talk is going to be short, but here's the main talking points.

Lenhard Euler: Mathematician

Euler (pronounced "Canada's Worst Hockey Team that's not The Senators") was a Mathematician in the 1700s. He was a genius, and he hel…

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Deregistering Parent Theme Widgets in Wordpress

I had a "fun" time figuring out how to deregister parent theme widgets in Wordpress the other day so I went through the codex and learned a lot about how functions are called in function.php. I learned about something I didn't know - you can specify the order of priority that something has within a hook!

This made deregistering widget areas pretty easy. In twentyten (something I child theme from a fair bit), the widgets are ad…

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Sunday Stranding - Update

In my last post, I talked about a problem I experienced in the The City of Guelph, where a local even stranded my neighbourhood so that we weren't able to leave. As it was happening, I tweeted about it. @CityOfGuelph was kind enough to tweet back with an email for me to get in touch with someone about the problem.

So I emailed the operations department …

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Sunday Stranding

On Sunday, the CIBC Walk for the Cure in Guelph raised $300,000 or more. It's a great idea for an event; a significant number of people from all over the city of Guelph get together and walk through Guelph while raising money to support cancer research. There is nothing better than a community coming together like this; it showcase the best things about Guelph and I'm proud …

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A Month of Android

A while ago I purchased a samsung galaxy vibrant (the first day they were available here in canada actually) and I thought o would give a but of a review of my thoughts on the phone and the OS after having used it for almost a month.

The phone is beautiful. The screen makes iPhone 3 screens look pretty bad and in my opinion, it beats the iPhone 4 in a side by side comparison. The Samsung is slick and gorgeous, responsive and vibrant; fr…

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What Twitter and YouTube are for

I started to follow @OldSpice today, and I have learned what Twitter and YouTube were put on the planet for.

Twitter and YouTube were created so that @OldSpice on a horse man would have a place, nay, a kingdom. It's his internet, I just live in it.

In all seriousness, I have never seen an ad campaign as effective as this one. I now have 3 …

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