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Prepping for Lockdown

Posted 2020-03-16 Tags: covid activities holding forth

We may be faced with a couple of months of not going out much, so I thought I'd prepare a list of possible activities! These are all things that are relatively socially distant that you can do without too much in the way of preparation.

I've separated things into two groups: "staying in" and "staying distant". Staying in may require a yard, so if it doesn't work for you, my apologies. Staying distant typically requires being away from your home, but in a way that's responsible and distant from other people.

Staying In

Learn how to Juggle! There are tons of YouTube tutorials on it, and it's a great way to keep your upper body moving. You can make your own juggling balls really easily (a bit of rice, plastic wrap, and six balloons is all you need) and it's not very difficult to get to the point that you can consistently keep the balls in the air. If you buy weighted balls, it's actually a really decent upper body workout as well.

Learn some basic Card Magic! There are tons of YouTube tutorials on this too. Learn some basics, and keep yourself and others entertained. Almost everyone loves to see a good card trick in person.

Clean / Fix your space. Paint that bathroom ceiling, clean the gutters, dig that hole in the front yard that you want to fill with river rock, clean out the french drain, attach the steps to your raised obstacle course ladder, clean out the sandbox and put a roof on it and add more sand, powerwash the back deck. This mostly turned into a really specific list for myself, but hopefully you get the point; there are things in each of our domiciles that probably could use a helping hand, and it's a great time to start working on them.

Learn how to cook something. If you're not a cook, learn how to make some basic things. If you are a cook, learn how to cook something new! There are tons of tutorials online, and loads of recipe sites.

Here are some online time sinks to spend the time you may stockpile:

Staying Distant

Go disc golfing! If there's a free course near you (and there probably is - check out uDisc for an app with all the info you need) then it's a great way to go outside, be socially distant from people, touch only things that you bring with you, and actually stay somewhat active. It is socially acceptable to stay dozens of meters away from other people while doing this, and it's usually a nice walk as well.

Couch to 5K. If you're healthy but remaining socially distant from people, maybe take some time to get yourself up to speed on running 5K. Running is another great activity that can keep you healthy without requiring that you touch equipment that other filthy people have been using, and also requires you to maintain some distance from other people. I like to run at a track near my house.

Take a hike. We have a wonderful local arboretum that we went for a hike in on the weekend. We maintained distance from other people, but got out and enjoyed nature as a family.

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