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Over The Bay of Fundy

Posted 2006-07-02 Albums: None

Looking down from the plane on the Bay of Fundy.

Looking down on that majestic body of water, the Bay of Fundy. What a great plane ride - so many more picture ops than on the way out!

Edit: A great comment from a reader that I'm going to include in the main description, because... well, because it was great!

Great pic of the Minus Basin,on the right is the mouth of the Avon River at Avonport. The distant shore is Kempt shore on to Cheverie, Boot Island (center) inlet leading to the Gaspereau River, This is also the area where the Acadians were expelled from N.S. in 1755. Next to the wing is Long Island now part of the landmass since the fertile area is dyked reclaimed land. --A. Fisher