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I like space dramas where there is some kind of issue that needs to get solved, and I like movies that present a moral dilemma. This movie does both. The actors are all good, and the premise is good, but there are some serious flaws. At any point, while doing a space walk, one should be tethered. This is an obvious thing to just about everyone who is familiar with space dramas. There is a point at which the astronauts opt to not be tethered and to not tether important cargo. This detail significantly reduced my enjoyment of the movie. Good premise, good actors, good direction, big problems with writing.

I did have an interesting moment - I enjoy Toni Collette as an actress, and when she appeared, I wondered why they would have her put on an Australian accent. I then also thought that her Australian accent was "a bit much". Imagine my chagrin at the realization that this is her normal speaking voice, and I just always see her doing an American accent!