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Yet more cycling

Posted 2007-04-02 Tags: None

The story of the cycling continues.

I've been out three times since the last update - once on a go around my original route, once just to the grocery store and back and once on a short pavement-only trip around the neighbourhood. The off road experience has been a little difficult of late because of all the rain - I have a lot of caked on mud on my bike right now and I got stuck once, though I (obviously) managed to get out.

The plan this morning was to go swimming, but I had a sore case of the monday's this morning and skipped out all together, except for a few crunches. It may be wishful thinking, but I think I'm seeing results. At the very least, I'm feeling results.

I've also added baby-tossing to the routine schedule, because after a while that gets very difficult to do (for the record, baby tossing involves picking up a small child and tossing her up and down, over a very soft item like a mattress - this usually involves massive amounts of giggling from said baby and a sore upper body after a half hour or so of activity).

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