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Posted 2007-01-19 Tags: None

Creative Writing - it's that thing that most of us did in grade school, usually accompanied by a vague sense of forboding and a desire to do something else. It tends to be a fairly personal thing to do and is difficult for a lot of people to share.

Well, everyone who knows me knows that I have no shame. It's just not part of my genetic makeup. I'll get up on a stage and do just about anything if I think it will entertain people; that's part of the draw of writing a blog. In fact, a blog is really just a different kind of stage, one that has a soft filter of anonymity that one can almost hide behind. Of course, mine's an incredibly soft filter - you can find out my name on the About page and you can google me to find out anything about me you'd ever want to know.

Wow, that was quite the tangeant.

What I'm saying is that I'm going to use this stage (blog) to perform (write creatively). And you can comment and tear apart what I say as much as you want. I'm going to try to post a piece once per month.

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