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The Irony of Sourceforge

Posted 2007-01-24 Tags: None

Sourceforge is an invaluable tool for developers that don't have a budget for proprietary software. You can find a lot of useful bits and pieces there, not to mention wholes and entires, that are incredibly useful for whatever your software needs are. As a staunch supporter of OSS, I'd say I was a fan.

Well, until today. Today we find the wrench in the works.

I was interested in the software behind Sourceforge itself - the code that makes this a great repository for thousands upon thousands of projects - because I'd like to set up something somewhat similar for a few projects of interest to me. I was shocked and amazed to find out that Sourceforge itself is no longer Open Source! The salient points from the article:

Bemused by the mildly delicious yet decidedly offputting irony of this situation, I did a bit of research and have come across a few more solutions, including one that is very promising: GForge. Gforge seems to be the continuation of SourceForge under the GPL and as such, it has much going for it right off the bat; it's similar to SourceForge, it's not chalk-full of irony, and it has a fair community devoted to it. If you need a (blank)Forge of your own, I would certainly recommend trying this one out... and then reporting back to me on your overall impression.

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