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That's Undemocratic!

Posted 2011-04-27 Tags: None

The past weekend, I was fortunate enough to get involved in a project called That's Undemocratic, which is a tongue-in-cheek political satire site. My good friend Sean had the idea to use a popular style of meme featuring a focal picture, with two text areas, in an effort to remove the efficacy of the words "That's Undemocratic" from the rhetoric of the current Canadian Election. I don't want to get too politically preachy, but it seems like someone who shall remain nameless (but who has the initials "Stephen Harper") used the phrase to describe something perfectly democratic.

It's not a particularly difficult concept, and Imgur is doing the heavy lifting for us, but it was fun to work on. I mostly helped with planning (mostly over the phone) and also contributed the logo.

All you need is love. Du du du du du.

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