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Sunday Stranding - Update

Posted 2010-10-07 Tags: None

In my last post, I talked about a problem I experienced in the The City of Guelph, where a local even stranded my neighbourhood so that we weren't able to leave. As it was happening, I tweeted about it. @CityOfGuelph was kind enough to tweet back with an email for me to get in touch with someone about the problem.

So I emailed the operations department for the city. Within what I would call "one business hour" (I sent the email one evening, and got it returned the next morning by 8 am), I got an email back telling me that they'd read my email and sent it on to the specific person for whom this was pertinent. I was pleasantly surprised that they'd made the effort to get back to me so quickly.

About an hour and a half later, I got a second, very polite, email addressing my concerns, apologizing, and saying they would take it up with the organizer of the event. I was again pleasantly surprised that they would make the effort to get back in touch so quickly. They addressed each of my concerns, and told me that local access was a priority during events like this. I figured that this was probably the end of my contact with the city over this issue, so I thanked them (because I was 75% satisfied) and forgot about it.

About an hour later, that same person got back to me, telling me that they'd checked up with the organizer of the event, and heard that there had been other complaints similar to mine, and that they would address the issue in a variety of ways before the next event happened. They also again thanked me for my feedback.

I'm so happy to live in the City of Guelph, where a complaint (even a fairly minor one like mine) gets heard and addressed within a day. What a great city!

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