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Stats of the Union Address

Posted 2011-06-06 Tags: None

Forgive the title, but I've been looking through my stats and have found some interesting things and made some decisions about design moving forward.

First up, screen resolution. Over 85% of people accessing my site did so at a resolution at or exceeding a width of 1280px. That's a change from even a year ago, when only about 65% of people ran at that resolution. It's nice to see upgrades happening.

Next, browsers. IE comes in rocking about 15% of total hits, which made me go SQUEEEEEE. That's an awesome number to see, and even better: IE6 usage at 0.87%.

Operating System was interesting - the overwhelming majority of people were using Windows (80%+) with Mac a "close" second at a little north of 15%. The other 4% was split roughly between linux and android. Of interest amongst Windows users, though, was the almost even split between XP and 7 (41% to 38%) with Vista a distant third.

Location was perhaps the most interesting thing for me, with nearly 40% of all traffic coming from the USA. Canada was a close second, and then the UK. From there, the list gets very interesting: India, Brazil, Phillipines, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, UAE.

Specific content that was accessed: mostly photos (about 80% of traffic was for photos).

So, I guess I'm going to aim at doing the following:

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