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Pandora has forsaken me


Yesterday I got an email from Tim Westergen, the Founder of Pandora.com. I am now mildly upset, because Pandora has started filtering by IP addresses so that people outside of the United States are unable to listen to their service. Previously, they filtered by asking your Zip Code (which I'm sure everyone outside of the US entered as "90210"), but they've beefed up their security, I guess. The le…

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If a picture's worth 1000 words, then why can't I eat you?


We have often heard the old saw, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Is that really true? Here are a few points to consider.

We see at about 22 - 24 fps. Each individual frame that we see can be considered to be a picture. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we're taking in 22,000 to 24,000 words per second.

This Blog and Life


This blog is quickly falling by the wayside because of life. There's a number of updates and upgrades I want to make to it:

Windows™, Windows™, Windows™ (and VirtualBox)


So a while ago, I leaped into Ubuntu, and I haven't really looked back very much. I mean - sure, I use Windows™ to play games, inasmuch as I play games anymore, and I've used Media Center™ a bit, but not very much. At work, I've been using Ubuntu Edgy Eft almost exclusively (with a mind to update to Feisty Fawn soon), but I find that I need to do more and more testing in a Windows™ environment. On my laptop, I dual boot, but as my laptop is my…

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Pachelbel Is The Devil


Every mean thing I've ever wanted to say about Pachelbel's Canon in D is said much better in this YouTube clip from Rob Paravonian.

The Video formerly found here, is still available from YouTube.

I would happily write more, but Paravonian says everything worth saying. Of note: I have made several of these jokes before but I was never able to string them all together like this guy…

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Road Hockey


That's right folks - a little bit of road hockey action happened this afternoon at work. It was a good time, but it really highlighted the fact that I have a goodly way to go before I'm in good shape.

We started out with 7 players, and had an occasional floating 8th that changed. I began on the team of 3, and we were rather outmatched from the get go. I have come to the stunning conclusion that I will never be a goalie, because I am abs…

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Resume Versus CV


I've been asked a few times why I have both a résumé and a CV when they're the same thing. Now, before I explain my reasoning, let me say this: I don't think that I'm necessarily correct and that the people who asked are incorrect. I merely would like to share my opinion and why I do things the way that I do.

Oh, and if you're looking for someone to do web work for you, feel free to browse through my Curricul…

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I'm not Dead


I feel happy! I wanna go for a walk! I feel fine!

/Python reference

So I've not been feeling 100% for the last week, and I haven't reported on my comings and goings for a while. There have been many kilometres cycled, a few jogged, some walked. I've done close to 500 crunches and 200 pushups since the last update, plus some very light weight training. Progress is being made - a couple of people have commented on how I seem to be …

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Segmentation Fault (core dumped)


Not words you want to read while trying to start Firefox.

So, I'm currently an Opera-only sort of guy until my Firefox woes are fixed. I've always kind of liked Opera - it's the hot-but-vapid-blonde of web browsers. It's really pretty, but it's actually quite lacking in substance.

Entertainingly, during the course of writing the previous paragraph, I was able to fix the segfault core dump issue by going into safe mode and removin…

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Yet more cycling


The story of the cycling continues.

I've been out three times since the last update - once on a go around my original route, once just to the grocery store and back and once on a short pavement-only trip around the neighbourhood. The off road experience has been a little difficult of late because of all the rain - I have a lot of caked on mud on my bike right now and I got stuck once, though I (obviously) managed to get out.

The …

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