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Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

Posted 2007-04-04 Tags: None

Not words you want to read while trying to start Firefox.

So, I'm currently an Opera-only sort of guy until my Firefox woes are fixed. I've always kind of liked Opera - it's the hot-but-vapid-blonde of web browsers. It's really pretty, but it's actually quite lacking in substance.

Entertainingly, during the course of writing the previous paragraph, I was able to fix the segfault core dump issue by going into safe mode and removing a bunch of extensions that I don't really use (and some that I do). I'll slowly add the ones that I use back to my install. Incidentally, Gmail notifier is working for me again. Still no love with ColorZilla as of yet.

Good bye again for now Opera... until I open my cellphone.

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