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Road Hockey

Posted 2007-04-19 Tags: None

That's right folks - a little bit of road hockey action happened this afternoon at work. It was a good time, but it really highlighted the fact that I have a goodly way to go before I'm in good shape.

We started out with 7 players, and had an occasional floating 8th that changed. I began on the team of 3, and we were rather outmatched from the get go. I have come to the stunning conclusion that I will never be a goalie, because I am absolutely terrible at the position (despite the fact that that's the position I play in soccer). We played for 60 minutes, and I only got one official rest, though there was plenty of not moving around too much after the first 15 minutes. I ended the game -1, but I had 5 points, including 3 goals.

I think over the summer we'll try to do a bit more sports at work - we'll be playing soccer Tuesdays at lunch and Fridays after 3 for the forseeable future, and I'd like to add some soccer and bocce into the mix, since I love both those sports as well. I'm really looking forward to the summer schedule!

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