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On the Trials and Tribulations of Age and Potential Infirmary

Posted 2007-03-28 Tags: None

I came to the sad realization the other day that in the 10-odd years since high school, I have gained a significant amount of weight. More importantly, this winter I stopped feeling like I was really all that healthy or active. Even more importantly, I tried on my kilt on the weekend and (*sob*) it did not fit. By about 4 inches. And I've lost about 18 pounds since Christmas.

I have decided that I am going to try to reverse this process with the following plan.

Yes, this is a very simple thing that one usually attempts to do when one decides to lose weight. But! I have a plan to entice myself to go through with it. The secondary plan is this: I will blog about my (possibly mis-)adventures in body alteration! For the record, I'm not going in for "weight loss" though that is likely what will happen. I'm going in for "being more healthy". Thus, I am going to add a few new categories to the blog: "Exercise" and "Intake" (under the heading "Wellness") which will not appear in the normal flow of updates, but will be checkable to all the world if they click on them.

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