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I'm not Dead

Posted 2007-04-13 Tags: None

I feel happy! I wanna go for a walk! I feel fine!

/Python reference

So I've not been feeling 100% for the last week, and I haven't reported on my comings and goings for a while. There have been many kilometres cycled, a few jogged, some walked. I've done close to 500 crunches and 200 pushups since the last update, plus some very light weight training. Progress is being made - a couple of people have commented on how I seem to be "a" better shape (I was hoping for "in" better shape) and other than rampant illness, I'm feeling fairly healthy.

I bought some new clothes last week and the jeans are all 4 inches smaller than the last batch of jeans I bought, so some good is coming of this.

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