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Certainly Not My Day

Posted 2007-12-03 Tags: None

Today has not been good.

Item the first, for your examination: I am ill. Not well. Sick. Though, to be fair, I'm much improved from yesterday and many yesterdays before then. I have a chest cold. It's a really unfriendly one that makes me feel like crap. I've been coughing up multi-coloured sputum for a week.

Sorry for the imagery.

Item the second: we have but one baby seat for the two cars that my partner and I own. This morning, the baby seat happens to be in her car, which means I have no baby seats. I am the one who needs the baby seat, however, since I am the one who typically picks up and drops off the baby. This is easily solved through generous application of one Sean Yo who is awesome and has a baby similar to my own. He came by and drove us to the day care, and thence drove himself to work, leaving me at the day care. I am not complaining about this fact - I am extolling Sean's virtue of even being able to drive me and the wee one to day care. But, I was stuck.

Item the third: I started walking through the snow and cold and blowing wind and yuckness. I planned on making my way to the Bullring at the University of Guelph (I hope I'm not spoiling the end if I tell you I'm there right now) where there is hot coffee and delicious breakfast sandwiches to be had. On my way there, I went down a longish flight of stairs.

Longish stairs. Down them. Unfortunately not on my feet.

Yes, that's correct; I fell down the stairs. It sucked. I was lucky - my trip downwards was spent mostly on my behind, which is now, like my pride, somewhat bruised. My back is also a little bit hurt-y (not terribly so) and I have been advised by friends that ANL that I should sue the University of Guelph.

I plan on not doing so. But considering it makes me chuckle.

Item the fourth, the redeemer: I am sitting in the Bullring having a delicious coffee, waiting for my friends to arrive, enjoying the warmth and the view. I love the University of Guelph.

Now all I have to do is find some decent way to get home that doesn't involve Guelph Transit (I object to their horrendous service) or a taxi (I don't want to pay that much) or running up to my mom's work and borrowing her car (I don't want to steal her car for the day - that's just not cool).

Oh, and my sandwich is ready, so... goodbye for now, Constant Reader.

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