What's this then?

This is yet another site by a web developer who has a site to show that they can build sites! This one is all about me: Andrew Phoenix. Hi!

I have 3 kids, and an amazing wife, and I live in Guelph, ON. I like to play Ultimate, though I'm always a bit too out of shape to be good. I frequently fidget with Speed Cubes, though I'm always a bit too slow to be good. I enjoy video games, hockey, making music, and drinking beer. I'm also a pretty active on Reddit, as many coders are wont to be.

I like to build web things. I've built a lot of WordPress things. Right now I'm pretty passionate about building with Python, using something like Django Rest Framework or Hug. I like to put things like Angular or React in front of that.

This site is just Foundation at the moment with no real moving parts. I'll be adding to it as often as I can, but I've got Cobbler's-Kid's-Shoes-Itis. That's a TV Tropes link; you have been warned before you click.

Get in touch!

Email me: andrew.phoenix@gmail.com
Call me: 519 993 0269
On Reddit: /u/aphoenix
On Github: aphoenix